K.V.R. Shinde Shikshan Sanstha's

Shivraj College of Pharmacy (D.Pharm. & B.Pharm.), Gadhinglaj

Affiliated To DBATU, Lonere(6965) & MSBTE Mumbai(2009)
Approved By PCI, New Delhi(2054), Govt. of Maharashtra & DTE Mumbai

Department of Pharmacognosy

Since the beginning of time, natural remedies have played a significant role in treating a variety of human ailments. Recently, interest in plant-derived products as a key source of medicine has increased.

The development of pharmacognosy is being supported by guidelines from folk medicine and alternative medical s pharmacognosy systems. The primary research areas of this science include natural product authenticity, morphology, microscopy, phytochemistry, and screening for diseases or disorders of the human population. The biotechnological approach, herbal cosmetology, herbal nutraceuticals, marine drug research, national biopyracy studies, fundamental study on alternative systems of medicine, etc. are some of the expanded areas of this pharma science.

Natural items have been processed technologically and added as components to various pharmaceutical dosage forms. The resurgence of phytopharmacy, as evidenced by its tillity in contemporary.

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